new items added to my shop!

ahhh.. i still have the bags i took pics of to add! i almost forgot about them.
ive added one tissue holder.
new bags in shop
click on pics to go to listings :D

jack in the beanstalker

lucky bear says peace man

funfun eggs go postal

tissue case? ya!

apple necklace -also available at virgin mary's!

butterfly necklace too!

sign up for the mailing list, you might win a $25 CAD gift certificate and free shipping coupons! i havent figured out yet how or what to actually write in the newsletter. we will see. last week of january. i should make a date.
ive been meaning to pick up list making again. forgot to buy a calendar. mmmeanwhile got an adjustable dressform at dressew and finally set it up. need someone to measure me properly though. got this beauty with an 8 part body 50% off during boxing week at dressew so it was about $150 CAD with tax. ya! id been wanting it since a while ago, dint it know it then, but you can fit pants :D so its kind of set up now and its got a bra and shirt on. i think it looks like me? will start altering and making the clothes ive been meaning to make 3 years ago??? we will see...
ok my site shipping is till 'in progress'

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