my blythe

i got them lip and eye stickers '-'/
so this is how velvet first looked when i erased her face and painted new make up.

then eventually i lightly erased myumis face but she seemed to get lighter :c

and now they got some darker eyes! i used them on their lightest eye colors
(VM- apple green and pink, MBF- light brown, pink) i think it looks much better. because velvets eyes look downwards more than mayumis the gradation of the eye sticker with the darkest part on the top of her eye, it makes her look like shes looking straight instead of shoegaze :D like gaze correction without surgery :D :D
and now mayumis got amber/hazel eyes instead of light brown :D

more in my flickr .



  1. Hey Lady, It's been awhile, hope you're doing great and having a wonderful start of this new year!
    Those Blythes look very happy with their makeovers! So pretty.

  2. hi ismoyo!
    new years been kind of rocky but calm? before the storm! aii..
    going back to manila in a bit.

    it has been a while. havent been venturing out into the blog sphere where its warm and bright :D

    the girls have proper shoes now '-'/ they say hi and like the attention :D