light and incense

ag. i forgot to take pics earlier, and i already said 'im going to take pics at 3'. its 4.30 now and hella dark already. *grumbles* well, i guess ill have more to take pics of tomorrow.
going to add a couple BAGS! and new jewelry designs to my site.

meanwhile... ive been making incense! yipee! its actually what made me forget my picture taking. so now its all soaking and it will take a day or two to soak, then i dry it, and try it! ya! new category in my shop? we will see...

also been sewing up some new blythe clothes. the pattern pieces are so small and quite hard to manipulate on the sewing machine so ive been (gasp!) handsewing most of the dresses.
ill have to set up a photo shoot with my dolls.
ive renamed Best to Mayumi (which means demure) but im not sure if the name will stick.

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