omgosh! i made incense and it works and smells really nice! yay!

i got charcoal sticks from bittercreek (but not again coz i had to pay 20$ shipping for usps i thought then it was sent ups so i had to pay another 20$ to the delivery guy @@)
and the fragrance oils i got from save on scents are here, finally :D no charges, usps priority mail, i like it!

i made about 3 sticks last night and they dried overnight it seems, now they are totally yummy!! im burning strawberry musk sandalwood right now and its really quite nice!!

totally reinforces how much candlesoylutions products totally sucked for incense coz all it did was reek the house and provide me with migranes due to its fierce toxic fume cloud.
i even tried a candlesoylutions fragrance oil again with the new charcoal sticks. total waste of a stick! omg i really dont know why their oils and incense sticks are like that when burned.

ok enough whining. im supposed to be taking pics of some new stuff... but today its like, totally snowed over. i kind of just wanna make some incense and finish reading the lord of the rings. im on page 400 something. i read almost 300 pages last night. sometimes i cant stop reading till the book is done. bad.

just checked my notifylist and i am really impressed with my little mailing list! i mean like WOW!
you are all super swell for joining. lets see who wins the 2 goodie bags and $25 gift cert. and ive decided to give a free shipping code to all who joined before the 30th. so do it now!!

later... o k itook massive amounts of pics. might upload them later today. reading today. got some secret meetings today and tomorrow. sekrit!!!!!!!!

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