incense update like what the crap!! the incense i first bought from candlesoylutions SUCKS ASS
first of all it does not dry.
2. it changes color and the oils turn red. not a good sign.
3. the binder of the wood pulp loosens and the sticks are easily compromised.
4. they smell like $H!T, like BURNING HAIR when lit after adding fragrance. no feckin way am i ever selling these, EVER. what the hell was i thinking buying form them. they are selling toxic fume emitting blank firecracker punks and selling them for making incense. totally bad. im tossing it all out.
the saving grace was buying an incense kit off Ebay! can you believe it. i figured i needed to check out what other sticks there are. and i can leave feedback on ebay. anyway i got the little kit from ebay about the time i was going nuts trying to figure out why the first ones i got were not drying.
the new sticks i got were un-uniform in size with varying stick width. a good sign i think.
anyway so last night i add the oils and the new sticks are like, absorbing the oil in a different rate then the other crap. another good sign i thought. then i notice there is no color changing reaction and the sticks remain brown, a very good sign i thought.
i drained them, and i put them beside the other sticks in the studio for drying in front of the fan. a full week of drying and the first sticks i bought still appear wet and smell like shit when lit.
this afternoon i go check on the new sticks and they are practically dry!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!! and they smell heavenly!! OMG!!!
when lit these new sticks have NO toxic smell at ALL!!! YAY! those fuckers at soylutions totally screwed me over! thank god i have a sensitive nose, can you imagine if i didnt and just sold them anyway @@ , as ang tells me 'they smell like incense'

another thing i noticed was with the toxic sticks, they were very uniform in size. the actual stick part looks like bamboo and has a fine cylindrical uniform thickness. they had a faint strange 'carpentry' smell out of the box. (an early warning sign they are crap)
the other blank sticks i have from ebay, and the hand dipped sticks i bought from other crafters have an uneven appearance, and even the stick part looks like finely split wood as opposed to a bar-b-que sticks' consistent size. also the pulp of the new sticks is more like a powder consistence and doesnt shake off while the toxic crap from soylutions is more like sawdust that falls off easily when shook (ie. sawdust everywhere).

ive been punked!!!

edit: im terrible, but i think i got the dude to email his supplier. i cant believe they were selling these and didnt even test them themselves. if they did and thought it was normal?? what the pfunk? i sent pics and finally calmed down. bastards. o well another one bites the dust. now im really apprehensive about getting sticks online and have been trying to find a supplier in van. DUH. im so lazy ><
--i found a messageboard for with someone affirming no color change. whatever. edit: the dude says his supplier from china (hmmmm......) says its from darker wood pulp and is more favorable (eye roll), but when i use his oils on the other sticks, it STILL smells weird when lit, like blowing out a candle. yuk! both products i bought from him to make incense; sticks or oil, especially combined are absolutely unacceptable. Im feckin serious.

Virgin Marys update coming up as in this weekend!
New travel tissue holders '-'/
Pics of BAGS yah its HELLA sunny today!!! WEee :D


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