ay naku

so i was talking to a friend earlier and wondering why im like freaking out so muchrecently and i narrowed it down to basically experiences relating to online transactions. what the. well, i do get freaked out by other things in real life, but i didnt think 'too' bad. anyway so im not going to be buying as much crap online as i usually do this year im going to try and stick with the bare essentials. like supplies i really need only. and projects i know are good to go only. etc. uh, yeah... plus the fact that i keep not receiving items i bought like months ago. then the sellers get mad at me for getting pissed about me losing money. what the crap.

i need to figure out my shipping for my site. i dont know how to do it. right now i figure since its all jewelry i can charge flat rate of $5 (it used to be 2.50 shipping per item). but if someone in like singapore or europe buys anything id be somewhat screwed and even more if they bought a bag.
i guess the cart is useful for the jewelry. gonna have to check it out again.
lia sent me this wicked list of web sites i can submit my site to (thanks lia!!) but havent gotten around to really checking em out yet. i did a couple, bust, and indie something but im not approved yet over there.

i have a long list to inventory tonight!! virgin marys update including lots of different little cameo earrings. very sweet '-'/

i think i got good pics. my friend helped me and there are over 45 pics now @@ i dont know what or where to start. the best pics were of course the ones we took indoors. her apartment has much better light than mine! too bad almost all of them were taken outside ><

ps. my coat is too big. i want a smaller one.

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