ya! lia came over yesterday and taught me how to upload pics and items to my site. its awesome! i need to practice a bit more but i think i got it down.
i just re-read what i wrote in my about section or whatever and i think i may just about die. um i need a writer cos i sound like a tool.

went through my email yesterday (whatta task) and found these features!
popular links/features
lark books 'jewelry with a hook'
chic today

edit: im editing features on my site :D press.
im not sure how id manage my link page yet.

i also found a bunch of emails i read a while ago but didnt respond right away. yikes. id be a terrible penpal these days.

gotta do some stuff but hopefully maybe the site can go live with its few items. is that weird or do people like usually make a big deal of the new shop opening? mmm i dont have a mailing list anyway >< :P

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