ok the pics block for my site is now off so im going to upload the rest of the items i have pics of. yay.
meanwhile i was checking my yahoo mails blocked addresses, and i found a bunch of email addys that were not supposed to be blocked! ak.
lots. yikes. ithink i might have missed a few emails. or maybe more than a few. i know for sure i was waiting on a reply from a friend only to find her addy blocked. damnit!!!! kind of annoying. i guess i hit spam instead of delete a lot :c

earlier i came from the post to send some packages and pick up a package.
i got my second blythe!!!! YIII!!!
oh yes. i have a new obsession. i forgot to tell you. i got a used velvet minuet a couple weeks ago, and a never removed from box my best friend. eek!!! i got the MBF today. she is SO CUTE! ay!
cuter than VM i think. dont tell her. although she was the second blythe i bought, she was the first to arrive so i think she thinks she has seniority. VM has better bangs tho.
hehe. ive been trying to make clothes for them.

VM is on the left and MBF is on the right. they are both wearing MBF stock outfits, and i really need to get VM a stand.


  1. yay! thanks bitterbabe. i often find myself gazing up at then on the shelf throughout the day :D