its almost new year. 2008. wtc?
ive been acting so weird lately. i dont know whats wrong with me :c i feel so disconnected like from stuff regarding my 'path' or reality or i dont know. just being a weirdo. im going to turn 29 next year. gak.
not going to spain- not getting my visa on time due to terrible blunder. maybe that and the 'end of the year', my own online shop, my unorganized work areas, and having to go back to manila in a couple months...
so effin overwhelmingly tiring when i think of it all at the same time. i need to keep organizing its the only way my brain goes into production mode. which leads to those other other things.
i made these supply lots, 4 of em and now i dont know what to do with the pics. ill put em on here after resizing and if anyone wants em before i can figure out where to put em leave a comment or send me an email they are from 25-35$ each and come with a surprize necklace. ships in canada is 2$, u.s. 3, intnl 4.
lot 1 SOLD

lot 2 SOLD

lot 3 SOLD

lot 4 SOLD

the pics go bigger. theres lots of the stuff there :D

im taking a shipping vacation from my online shops till jan.7!


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  2. hi jo!

    i emailed you bout lot 3!

    im going to delete your comment now coz i dont want any web crawling spiders or spammers finding your email addy k