oh man, if only i was diligent enough to actually link all the sites and blogs that have featured me instead of putting a lazy "(insert link)" in my posts.

lia is coming to town today and she will be teaching me how to upload pics and edit my site she designed.


so right now, im trying to look for all features so i can put it in the 'press and praise' section.

i was sick yesterday. i never get sick, so it really sucked for me. i always assumed my internal happiness would ward off mild colds and the flu, as it has been doing forever, but yesterday i woke up totally ache-y and gross. i was SO tired! im really not used to being sick, so it was weird and i hated it. im better today but still coughing sometimes. hope i dont lia sick :c maybe we should meet in a coffee shop instead of here at home.

well, if all goes well ill have the site up with a couple things by later??


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