sandalwood scents, spain and sales

m.i.a. at the commodore last week on the 14th

so i buy a lot of 'handmade' scents. soaps, incense, perfumes, lotions. scents. love em, really do. of all the common smells sandalwood scented stuff differs so greatly from each other. what does sandalwood smell like to you. its so hard to describe a scent. my love for sandalwood is rooted in memory so i have i suppose a biased expectation to what it smells like.
my first sandalwood scent awareness was in grade 4ish. saved up my allowance and bought myself a sandalwood fan from the canteen kiosk. it was made of sandalwood and had intricate cut outs on each veneer thin panel. it was one of those fans that you need to flick your wrist to open. you know. think it had a neon green tassel. kept it in its box when not in use so it kept its fragrance for a while.
second sandalwood scent experience was as a later teen. there was a good indian grocery somewhere in manila. with the driver (alan!) it was by a common road, like right after a bridge/overpass. doy. i canno remembah. i dont even know how i had him stop and drive back to it one time but it must have been me wanting to check it out. anyway it was a mad nice indian grocery/wholesale kind of store with rows of every kind of indian spice and all kinds of oils and foods and smells on those metal rack/shelves. in the back against the wall was a whole mega shitload of more incense than ever possible. so many kinds, there were also incense holders, and cone holders of brass and maybe copper. found an amazing sandalwood incense. boomshakalacquer.
padmini sandalwood. oh. dudes.
i found it online but shipping came to 17 bones. maybe i misestimated my 23 dolah order. so im still thinkin about it. if it was the same one, wouldnt it be radder if i just went back to that same grocery in manila. so yeah. ive kind of all bought
getting a visa to spain what a frikkin nightmare. so much outdated information online i was so freaking out. like um, so do i need to get clearance from the POLICE stating my good conduct, a medical certificate specifically for the PLAGUE, yellow fever?? it would all need to be translated into spanish too? what the .. anyway that was all outdated of course i couldnt even find the official spanish embassy website or vancouver office till i realized its actually called the kingdom of spain. doy i didnt know they a king, till now. and anyway they dont even have visa offices in vancouver. its in toronto. ping! round one: so you think you can dance tour, spanish visa, K.O.. butt yahh. im finally registering my business because i obviously cant write a letter to my self (letter from the employer) ay caramba! theres also a part where i may need to ask the people we stay with for proof that they can afford to have us over. what that carp. so uh ya i freaked for a second. solame such a procrastinator. man.
so lots of paper work needs to be done by monday and hopefully it wont take more than 21 days. coz im a filipino. if i was canadian or something swiss no problem. not fair. and definitely no comparison to the awesomeness that is
i heart crafts
which i actually have a lot of cool stuff for. i reworked
lots of the pieces that didnt make it out last fair into somethings
fierce and fancy.

pics from the last fair :D
you can see the lovely (______) roman goddess, and kelly (sourapple) yii :D
also see my craptastic display! i need to iron my cloth thing maybe even change it. and make a long over hang thing. duh. mmm. hah. some sort of step thing for the bags etc.

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