pics and plating

yay! blogger pics are now working again.
i uploaded pics in my older post: virgin mary's and soon ill resize the blim fair pics and post them too. theres a funny and dumpy pic of me in front of my table that i wanted to show. heh.

but guess what was the highlight of my day?
we got a plating machine!

it was only 75$. found it on craigslist, and it was in langley. super far but simon helped me (duh he grew up there) :D we took the skytrain and borrowed his moms car. turns out the dude we got the plating machine from is neighbors with simons old friend svein tuft. !
the guy, anders, he was a goldsmith for 40some years and retired, so he had and was selling his equipment. the plating machine was built by his dad-in-law (?) who was an electrical engineer who bought the parts at radio shack! so i guess its considered 'vintage' and 'handmade' yay!
ya it works really well! i have plated a bunch of my charms silver now. i dont have a gold anode so no gold plating till i get one..and theres not much gold solution anymore.. im wanting to go look for newer plating solutions coz these ones i got contains cyanide and are like 20+ years old.. they still work (yay) but maybe there are not "as" toxic stuff? i dunno.
anyway heres a pic of the machine and solutions:

see the heart sparrow charms in the botton right of the tray- you can see a brass one and a silver plated one.


  1. Oh, a new toy! The sparrow charm looks really cool. Yay for monkey!

  2. Machine looks scary to me.
    But i understand you are very happy and it must give you loads of new possibilities to make your crafts even better and prettier?
    If your happy, i'm happy too!
    *happy dance for the new machine*

  3. I am soooo jealous. Is it like an electroplating machine? That is great, wish I had one :( I have been looking into them lately, but they are quite expensive. PS this is Kelly (sourapple) from the fab fair :P

  4. YAY!

    Monkey happy dance!

    that silver sparrow charm sold last sunday ya! to lady who only wore silver. oh yes taterbird im entering a new market :D

  5. ismoyo!hi! the scariest part is that its cyanide o_O !! but its really not much electricity and is quite easy, totally not what i was expecting!

  6. KELLY green!!! ima gona call you that now.. sour apple and all ><
    i got a pic of you coming up heh :D wanted to get a shot of the necklace i bought from you too though..and that lovely headband ;>

    oh yes. its a genuine plating machine! you can borrow it if you want :D

    i found a gold anode online for 34 bones. yay :D havent gotten it yet though. damn. too much crap i need to buy!

    >you reading these comments- go check out kelly's shop : sourapple- shes got rad shit!!