blim market! and noodles

im doing the BLIM market this Saturday!!!! 12-5 17th + main. go go a go go!

ive been busy=no blog writing.

have you seen this?

but i do have some food pics to share¡
simes and i have been making noodles the past week. well, i have. 2 dishes.
first up : bare bones pancit palabok. rice stick noodles, palabok mix, egg, garlic crunchies, onion, parsley for flair? hee oh and some patis. no tinapa no shrimps, no chicharon or even green onion... huhuhuhu ;; it was good tho.. simes had the last bite.

next : puttanesca. i forgot what this was called for a couple days then i really squeezed my brain to remember it, going back to all the friends and family parties back in the philippines where id eaten it.. then ding! oh yeah. i love it when that happens.
so anyway remembering the name, i could go find a proper recipe.
forgot to get anchovies tho so this one is just with super lemony tuna and lemon pepper noodles from the superstore >< olives, capers, diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, pepper etc....
simes loved it. so did i!

so now ive gotta go back to making stuff... packaging a few things for shipping...
tomorrow (Friday!!) im dropping off these pouches at paper-ya!!!
go get em while the pickins prime.. (ive said that before) they should be in stock during the weekend. ive inserted each one with a vintage playing cards, and all the linings are just as cute as their exterior '-'/
and im also bringing more jewelry to virgin marys on commercial drive!
some new black cameo necklaces for the fall, and other lovely darker colored long chain pieces (like 25 inches +)...

for the blim fair on saturday i have made a few bags '-'/ aah... a mini matroichka messenger and 3 mini shoulder bags. mm..

so back to work i go, hi ho.

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  1. Nice to meet you yesterday!
    Hope you enjoy your hood!

    Heather from mono