its almost 2 weeks since my last post.
im going to hide in the corner now.

my cousin kristine is in town!

i have a bunch of blim pics to share. i think i took a picture of everyones table :D but putting them up is gonna have to go on hold.

i also have a bunch of new stuff to show.. most of it is in my etsy shop coz i cant always get dawanda or mintd to load.

im really behind on writing text for im like, half done.

been super busy. lots of online orders, customers needing attention, got a few wholesale orders, and busy making a pile for the two day fab fair in nov.
the usual :c

but kristines here and were having dinner at the foundation later! yay peanut butter spinach tofu. yum.


  1. well... at least you have been filling lots of orders.. that is great.

  2. thanks sandra, its primarily what im here for ;D