back from the dead

heres a few new things in shop: click on pics to go to shop listings!
some pieces are available in my other online shops '-'/

i forgot to take a pic of items at virgin mary's and gah i forgot to go bring earrings- but i just brought stuff to virgin marys the other day and i just brought more stuff to briers.

here is some of what i brought to briers earlier:


  1. Hey Nicole... are you setting up your own website? I would be interested in helping set up a shopping cart if you need help! Just let me know...

  2. Nico,
    Great entry. You get it. I wish everyone did but sooo many are blinded by "flashing things" around them. As you said to Ben, be careful, change all your passwords to off-e sites and trust no-one "new". There's a black-list and I think many people are on it and it will only take one tiny thing to be NEXT.


  3. Zodiac Year: Sheep

    That is awesome. I'm a dragon. I don't think there is a year of the turtle, is there? Whew.

    Your analogy of Etsy to a government really resonates with me.
    I keep thinking about the prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay. I just read an article recently about a public defender who got to represent one of them. His client has been held for 5 years, still has no charges filed against him, and he has to try to defend the guy. The prisoner also cannot meet with his lawyer privately and all of their correspondence is read and censored by the military. (which violates attorney-client privilege) So the prisoner is afraid to tell his lawyer anything. He's one of the few prisoners there who even has a lawyer, and none of them are allowed to get letters or visits from their families. Even the Red Cross was banned from visiting the prison for a long time.
    I'm also thinking about homeland security's wiretapping without search warrants. Due process and the constitution is just ignored because of fear and paranoia.
    It's kafkaesque. And it's not supposed to happen in America.

    You've been found guilty!
    Huh? On What charge?
    You will be punished!
    Wait- what am I guilty of?
    We don't have to tell you that! You're an enemy of the state!

    Now I'm certainly not trying to compare getting banned from a stupid internet forum to having 5 years of your life stolen from you, and of course a private company can do whatever it wants on it's own property, including violate it's own stated official policies. I know that "freedom of speech" does not apply on private property. But it just seems so ironic to me that touchy-feely-liberal-"human" is actually a power-crazed corrupt tyrant with more in common with Bush&co than with the hippie ideals they spout.
    What they really don't get is that the voices of criticism can be harnessed and can help you improve. THOSE are the voices you need to listen to. If all you ever listen to is people telling you how perfect you are, you start to beleive it and stop trying to fix problems. (because there are no problems! 2+2=5! Freedom is slavery!) If all you listen to are bootlickers, you become blinded and complacent and the competition smokes your ass! (But, at least you will have the cleanest, shiniest jackboots in town)

    Handmade Fascism isn't any cuddlier than the storebought kind.

  4. ahh eclipse you rock my world and grace my humble blog with your intelligence. i wub you.

  5. hi lia! yes im getting help from my friend angela and might need your help at some point. im taking up your gracious offer, and will facebook you if ever! '-'/

  6. oy ben. fuckin wack job givin blow jobs is that c u next tuesday jewelie.
    see you online wee ><

  7. Purposely spreading misinformation isn't much better than taking away freedom of speech.

  8. oooh lookie everybody!!!! its an etsy cheerleader!!!!!

    hi there little lamb, care to share your name?

    i didnt think so.
    hiding behind an anonymous comment is much easier than facing the FACTS isnt it? :)

  9. Hey, at least they didn't impersonate anyone. (this time) That's a step up the ethics ladder, I guess. A few more steps and they might make it out of the gutter...

  10. you mean a few more steps and WE WISH they would make it out of the gutter.. its like trying to help your crackhead friend that just cant get his act together.. no matter how much he doesnt try....

  11. Thanks for this post Nico.
    From my standpoint, as one who was banned for life from the Etsy Forums WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS, this is NOT spreading misinformation.

    I was not even very active in the Etsy forums over the last month, but was shocked at how Etsy Admins were talking to customers in the forums. They are just so condescending and i wrote to Community[at]etsy about it, hoping they would see fit to show respect for people who have years of life experience in professional jobs. But instead, I got banned.

    I was in communication with a couple of Admins and they NEVER ONCE asked me to change the way I was posting in the forums. They never once gave me any warnings or muted me. Just BAM ! Out of the blue ( after voicing concerns about key Admins

    Sure, it's their site, they can do what they want, but they keep trying to portray themselves as a COMMUNITY while culling out anyone smart enough to see that it is more like some fraternity ... if you love us, you are in. If you even dare to speak out - get out. The forums have become a popularity contest, not a place for discussion. Those who depend on their shops for income best start looking elsewhere before this house of cards BLOWS down.

  12. thanks for your post bz.

    i stopped going to the forums long ago but do enjoy the occasional boner thread.

    what i never got over was etsy's fisher price quality.

    nice and cute but i guess ive outgrown it and that im completely let down by the actual seller tools and sickened by its ethics its time to get moving.

    bz, they are fucked. i mean come on. we all knew that right? were all reading the same forums right?
    i mean, come ON! even the mere way the forum pages are laid out: complete boner. they are not even like real forums! they are like having piles of paper: typed pages in folders on your desk with no lables or titles. fischer price.