my website and an upcoming event

holy! talk about complete incompetence on my part!! ok its thursday now and since the weekend i have been emailing back and forth with lia who was awesome to take on designing and building my site!!!! poor thing has to work with 'me' though! gosh so she has done so many sites and they are all perfect useable simple and the look that we want. she made the most amazing banner right from the start. like so good. like i didnt even know what the look would look like, but lia got it right away. amazing~! <33
anyway, i fudged majorly.. simon got the tip to go get a domain from 1and1 from jefferey boone (his gallery) and so we got an eshop and i tried to but it sucked.. so i axed lia who mentioned it before in the comments on me blog...and she said it was too complicated and she would want to do it differently from the start so i had to cancel my eshop package but then ay caramba. i ended up canceling the wrong thing i guess.
i didnt realize that i bought the domain from 1and1. like hello, so i ended up canceling my domain then transferred it to godaddy and got a hosting package at bluefur. its was all wrong coz i canceled my domain in the first place right after i bought it. oh my gosh so anyway i had to keep calling 1and1 and lia kept trying to figure out how to get started and i had to get a dummy domain but it was empty so then they had to do something i dont know. the thing that saved me from complete meltdown while talking on the phone with the 1and1 technical service was that they were in the philippines so i felt like i was talking to my cousin jerome. damn. they were pretty good with dealing with my incompetent ass, having to get two accounts, i think now in 12 hours i dont know somethings gonna happen and lia will be able to log in and redirect the DNS server to bluefur. its all so strange like a universal foreign language. so the eshop, me trying it myself was way hard, not only was it hard but it was ugly and slow. the first stuff i did for my site is gone now but maybe its on some web archive.

anyway there. O-O im hoping it goes well.
heres the first banner lia made.. she did it so fast its so nice. youll be so proud of my site when you see it. i promise, plus ive been making items like crazy.

so basically i am still on etsy till we leave the country after christmas, but my hearts not into it. i have to try and get into it again though, so i can make some money. simes and i are not going to toronto anymore ;; so i have to sell the so you think you can dance tickets huhu ;; but then we get to attend tylers holloween party. but then i dont get to see kristine and kendi or go check out the big city again. instead, were saving up and going to spain and the philippines. hmmm. so there!

meanwhile ive been filling up inventories for the local shops and hope to finish soon ive been making duplicates of 3 of the same piece whenever i finish designing one but am now thinking i should up that amount to 6. its slower but then its easier in the long run.
im going to be attending this event with my stuff! gulp: 'Attendees are WWS Members and their friends, i.e. professional women in their 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s. Other vendors we are speaking to are local designers/retailers focused on fashion and jewellery.'

Date: Oct 4 2007 6:00 - 8:00
Location: Republic (958 Granville Street)
Setup Time: 5:00 - 6:00
Doors Open: 6:00
Fashion Show: 7:00


  1. ooh cool a new website!
    I am trying to make one up too but it takes soo long..

  2. jocelan!!

    i just visited your blog. im super inspired to finally go get my business name registered too!! ><

  3. Good for you, getting a new site design. It has been on my todo list for a while now. Priorities...priorities...
    The banner looks good! Curious to see the rest. Bet it's gonna be wonderful.