merp oh merp
and the heat came down
and the heat came doooowwwwn
i knew
i was living in a long long dream
when you fed me the
black ice cream.

the heat rose up
the heat rose up
i heard the loud loud buzzing
of their girls gold card
and the ice cream was blacker
than the devils heart
it was september of mid 2007
they fixed their eyes on yous
they fixed their eyes on yous

heres a good comment i found in UEN regarding merp:
# kk Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

I think one of the most disturbing thing in this for me is that they are banning BUYERS..ok, control your sellers, they represent Etsy and what shoppers can expect from the site as a whole…but to ban buyers?? Those who have invested a LOT of funds as well as energy and intellect on behalf of a handcrafting community, when they simply could have just gone on their merry way after their first purchase on Etsy.

What sort of “word of mouth” do they expect to get from this as a whole if they are kicking off buyers?

altered lyrics by nico
originally by 'the mountain goats' song "the black ice cream".


  1. omg, thank you, I feel honored and touched. *sniff*

  2. thanks winky!
    merp im thinking 18-24 inches but toggle style. itll be fab and on me free.

    note this: i am DEEPLY SADDEN by all dis fuckt up ongoings by admin wankers.
    extend to insane: some secret list where you note who posted what questions. hmm.

  3. Wow, that sounds like some funny stuff. But my dear you look so cute in your picture : )