intaglio collage necklace

a while ago i made this piece and it sold to joanne at a fair.. i met her mom the next day at a musical instrument shop the next day to collect the check and hand over the piece which i refined a little :D she wanted it for her graduation! i think it looks great with the coppery color of her dress- i like that pink and copper. nice. anyway
i asked her to send me a pic and here it is! she sent it months ago :S

i never got a picture of this piece so im very glad to be able to share it '-'/


  1. wow it look great! i'm a big fan of you work.
    i just started my own little etsy-shop but after reading your post about etsy yesterday i got a little freaked out! is it really that bad that you consider quit selling at etsy?

  2. i don't spend so much time in the forums. there are so many posts that's it hard to keep up. and it also seems like a lot of people are posting more to draw attention to their shops than to actuallt say something of interest.
    yes, i've checked that etsy news thing. thanks for the link, i think it will be useful.

  3. thanks karin...
    i just had a peek into your blog too...

    well, for one thing, ive been on etsy for a long time already it seems, even though it hasnt been 3 years yet, a lot has changed on etsy! a lot of promises not met, lots of false hopes for sellers to get better features, it takes soooo long for admin to do updates to the site, plus how the admin act like as if we are all stupid children when asking questions about the sites updates, locking and redirecting to old, outdated the new admin are so unqualified for posting in the forums it seems as if some of them are 12 years old, so much unprofessional behavior like making fun of sellers, major favoritism to even shops with not handmade stuff, but friends of admin so they are there.. this is all ADMIN doing these things... its mostly in the forum that you see these things, so it seems the longer i stay the more horror stories i know, or even experience second hand.. my blood boils.. its the lack of promises kept and lack of basic functionality after so long of false hopes that hurts but its the hypocrisy that kills me and yes. really i feel as if i am compromising my own ideals selling on a site that is run like this.

    BUT! etsy makes me lots of money via its high traffic. id like to see now that im getting busier locally if that will even matter with my own site.

    i think if you are starting off its perfect! and even more perfect if you dont go in the forums or learn about anything thats happened in the past. but that would be very irresponsible wouldnt it?
    to participate in a community that you are not fully aware of. tsk tsk..

    have you read the etsy news site ive got linked in the top left? its pretty good for all things etsy related.

  4. hey i just edited my long ass comment ><
    the forums are really lame these days. and nothing of intrest anyway, plus the totally unreadable/unsearchable/unfindable format >< youd be hard pressed to find me in there for more than 5 mins. a week...

    good luck on etsy though... it is nice to get many sales.