canada post sucks

oh my effin gawd does canada post sucketh hardeth.
i received 5 packages returned to me in the mail. again!!!!!!!!! for no reason.


i called canada post today and talked to this lovely lady named Joanne (! see post below) from the ontario office. since the canada post system is down today (of course it is) she had to hand write everything about my complaint.
im putting the right postage on there, using a customs form, and the frikkers keep sending packages back to me.
i feel used.
i now need to check the site tomorrow, and ask the postal workers (again!) what it is exactly that i am doing wrong (if there is anything wrong aside from a freaky postal worker who just wants to add misery and annoyance to my days)
anyway there.
boo canada post. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi there, I know exactly what you mean. I had a package returned to me, no explanation. Canada Post circled the customers address and returned it to me. I called them, they had no idea why it was sent back. She told me I'd have to pay again before putting it back in the mail...I didn't, it's now arrived at the customer's home. Was it a PayPal lable you were using? Mine was and I've heard they get sent back often. Good luck!

  2. oh! isnt it terrible?
    i dont think they even look at the packages when they do such things.

    I too never put new postage and it arrives fine. I really dont understand!!

    The postal lady on the phone told me that Canada Post is a franchise where only the managers are trained.. so its kind of weird what happens.. conflict of knowledge from the postal employee at your local drugstore vs. the mail sorter at the main office. the lady on the phone (in Ontario) didnt even know regular mailing standards, like prices, dimensions etc. its a bit ridiculous.

    thanks gina!

  3. here's a happy Canada Post story to make you feel better - my friend Julie got her wishing well necklace really soon after you sent it and she loveloveloves it! even though her actual birthday was in April, oops. thanks again!

  4. I have many packages lost by the Canada Post. They are doing a horrible job but they demand better benefit and salary? Get real! Today I just lost a package that I bought from the state. It says item had been delivered but I never received it. The guy that I was talking to wasn't even helpful and he sounds very rude. I live in a condo and we have a policy states all packages have to go through concierge which there will be a signature as to who receive it. I asked him who received my package but the guy said there was no signature. I told him if there is no signature then the concierge did not receive it. (I have talked to the concierge to check that too) He kept repeating "the sender did not request for signature" I know that. But there is no way the Canada Post driver delivered the item without the signature of the concierge. In the end he wouldn't open the investigation for me and he said it's the sender responsibility, not me. This is ridiculous!It's Canada Post's responsibility to lost so many packages!!