Virgin Mary's on the Drive Feat. Its Your Life!

Ya! So I brought some pieces over to virgin marys :D I forgot to take pics :C so your just gonna have to go see! All new designs :D New owl necklaces, a pirate ship intaglio piece with a black, locket medallion piece.. ya. many many new new!!
Next week Ill bring earrings coz i forgot and realized when i was done. that it was all necklaces. yay!

meanwhile im shipping pieces to my dance idol tomorrow! ill try to remember to take pics.

kala is still playing in my mind and i havent even fully memorized it yet. not that i can understand most of the lyrics are accentfullness and i cannot understanding yet. plus no ones posted lyrics online yet i dont think, cept for boyz.(EDIT:
woohoo lyricwiki's got full lyrics on the whole album) i was going thru m.i.a.'s site and its so great. then i ended up buying the kala album online coz hopefully ill get a bandana and its was only 15 bones! so i guess now i dont have to worry about going to the actual record shop. anyway if i did who knows what else id end up buying :D

my cousins here for her bff's wedding! fun. we strolled while i brought stuff down to commercial.. i bought stuff for myself.. hair pins and a top. oops!

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