woah ok, i guess not having a camera makes me not really want to to post anything!
i had thought about all these other great posts where i could include funny videos id found and interesting news bits. but i forgot them all.

so i just came back to say OMG! ive been selling pieces at shops right, and like, they are selling very well. i brought more items to virgin mary's start of the week, new earrings, and more necklaces. briers too, on west 4th, i brought more items start of the week and i really was supposed to bring more in the days following but i got tangled in a mess and then we had to fumigate :S
oh gosh. i just remembered i have to alter my invoice and email it. like 2 days ago.
ok. ill come back in a bit.

edit: ok thats done.

mm. i should go down to devil may wear today and see how they are doing..

so is it video time?
( )

hahahah hes so HOOOOOOOOO!!!!

ok im going to make stuff now and do some shipping.
new items for briers to be delivered on monday!

ETA: i know ive been real slow with recent custom orders :S and im really sorry. im trying my hardest to get everything done but lots fall through the cracks and i forget, or have not yet gotten materials for etc. sorry!

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