a quick post.
the last time i tried and wrote so long it got deleted. eh..
so um.. hmm. our whole buildings getting fumigated and the carpets in halls were ripped out. so gross. the hallways are sick piles of dust from under the two old carpets. there was one under the the gross. just gross.

i have new items for my etsy shop, and new earrings and holly hobbie pieces for virgin mary's on the drive and earrings for briers on 4th.

just have to take pics. ugh. weve been sleeping in the living room and giving the whole place a rearrange and clean up i guess. were having a yard sale on saturday with angela i think.. hmm earlier i had to leave at 9:30 coz they were fumigating the halls.. and i left at 10.. wit a bag of stuff.. running down the stairs was like some kind apocaliptick shit. the halls are messed. ill try to take a pic: grossness ripped out carpets, stained rotting plywood floors, dust piles and staples and bits of foam, TOXIC fumes as in major chemical toxicness as in take a deep breath and make a mad dash toxic...
to complete the scene about midway down there is pest control dude wearing white and a full face mask. he appears to be peering at me thru his goggles intently. i didnt get a good look, it was bad........ ran out the door and ang was waiting . we went to the park and walked around the track and tanned. for 3 hours? i got darker :D ya!

ok. no pics, no nothing. just blah blah blah :D
stay tuned.

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  1. Hope they are done with all that now. If not, just stay out as long as possible!!