Its Your Life featured in CHIC Today!

yay :D
so if you click on the front cover page of the mag, you go into a two page layout, and there are the contents on the bottom left hand side, below the page.. click on that... read the contents, see cameo revolution and im in there!!! woooo!! better yet, place your mouse to the most bottom right hand corner and then the pages start flipping. click.. click.. how fun. um, its nice!

such a nice mag :D !!!

when i read it first in like ooo, that sounds good. . .dinky? then i was confused and wasnt sure what i knew! so i go check it out on and i guess dinky is really good coz they are based in the UK haha!! whew. dinkles.

meanwhile: i need a camera.. were going to toronto.. were going to the sytycd tour..
were thinking of taking the train to ny.. to visit friends! i really need a camera. new items need to be taken pics of as well! ya! my gosh.

there are now lots of lovely mostly one of a kind items at briers right now~super nice ones~ while im waiting for my supplies to restock the pieces that are under 35, the pieces at briers run from about 89 to 30's. theres a crazy nice sailboat filigree wrapped intaglio piece with shimmery blue and gold and a mini skull locket.. and two other ship cameo necklaces with anchor and compass charms.. one even has labradorite. promo time woooo!! yup super sweet shimmering tiny earrings with brass dragonfly and bluebird charms..all at briers on west 4th and arbutus. go go a go go!
i was there earlier and had lunch at goldielocks. yum... tilapia fish in coconut milk ginger and spinach .. sigh.

yup. now finishing shipping and ready to take a nap ;)


  1. Ooh Romance & Daisies! Very Dinky! ;) Lol@having to look it up! (i wouldn't have known it either)

    Congrats on the feature, looks like a truly wonderful magazine! Very proud!

  2. Congrats dear! You deserve it and more, you are uber talented. Miss you over my places : )

  3. You have gorgeous jewellery. And congrats on getting into a mag!