vynil zipper pouch tutorial video

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

meeeehhh! (sheep bler) ok so this is the tute i made for instructables. theres another one with cute fabric, promise :D of a card wallet like the ones at paperya and in my shop. i didnt and couldnt really go find better vynil so i got this stuff which i thought could look good and if you sew the whole thing with a prefered fabric over it it will be super cool.
its supposed to have fit the category special needs coz i do notice 1. old people, 2. special needs 3. drunklike/kind of messed up but has a medicalbuspass or something 4. kids 5. if your hip, on your hip, you could make it rock busspass users. i dont buy one coz its expensie i have a bike and dont bus as much. so when i was going to upload it i checked the other tutes (which are awesome) there already was a belt pouch in there ;; nye. kapikon nevermind na talaga. padah, thanks simes for videoing and edits on quicktime coz im such a ditz, ill figure it out one day!
i got a wide plastic basin for the bathroom and cleaning. so ive taken to putting it under the leak in the shower faucet.. and it fills up really quickly with so sometimes i use the water but most times it just keeps overflowing. it never gets fixed properly and its the hot water tap. when theres no music playing, or even if the fan isnt on or whatever (like right now) its in the background noise all. the. time. i think i might go insane. luckily simon just got back :D


  1. Hi there :) I really like the video tutorials... Seeing a video makes it a lot easier to grasp. I think I might try making one of these but in fabric. I first visited your blog about a year ago, but I cut back my internet time and lost track of your blog. I was very happy to see you are still here. :) You make such cute things and do such excellent work, you have been an inspiration to me.

    much peace

  2. hey michele thanks for taking time to say all these lovely words to me!

    im a spaz and always fret over my blog content (is it too personal, is it too bitchy, too lame, too corny etc. etc. etc) so im super stoked to know its ok enough to remember and come back to.

    this tute is kind of not that precise. i commented in the 4th part in the you tube comments on how to do that part easier.

    the next video tute (card wallet) will be up this coming week!
    and it will be the one i give to threadbanger..

  3. no I love your blog because it is so real... I love that you just write whatever is on your mind. :) it's not all *sanitized* like some blogs I have come across. and I will surely be back for the card wallet tute and I will go to the You Tube comments to check that out.

    much peace ♥

  4. OH my dear girl, I am so excited to see you doing these flix! Hooray!!! You are so smart and so beautiful, more movies, yes!!! Do you have your own channel at youtube? If so what is it? If not, you should have one! Big hugs.

  5. hey nicole, this isn't related to your video (although it's great!), but i'm wondering if you're doing any craft fairs this weekend . . . will you be at got craft or commercial drive days?

  6. hi gina '-'/
    thanks !! i do have a channel its nicotiro! i have 7? subscribers woOt!

  7. hey erin '-'/
    im not doing this coming got craft :C but i am doing the commercial drive fest the next day.
    now lets all do the anti rain dance coz i dont have a tent or umbrella for my table!