stores update

oh my gad. i cant believe its already the middle of july! talk about slow (me, not the month).

so i called mintage and im picking up a check, but dont think they can take my stuff again,
so i might take the rest that is left (coz i might forget about it) to
devil may wear which i still havent made an itemized items and an inventory for. ugh. i will do that
after i ship these pieces to new york! gad finally. see these in feel design in beacon as i am shipped them today.

see the mama mary one i wore in the pouch tute video! i looove it so. its reversible with a glass cameo on the back.
click on this pic for directions to feel design in beacon new york:

and my little red riding hood wallets!! to all you in EUROPE and the UK yah! faster, and closer shipping:

IYL little red riding hood wallets at

that last part was confusing to code but click the screen shot and you directly to that page!
their shop is totally jam packed full of goodies!

meanwhile i have an interview for my permanent residency. its like, next week.. aii! neeed tooo payy 490 $ !!! before i see them. and bring 2 pictures.
yikes aand yaaay!


  1. Wow, you have really been doing so much!!! You are incredible friend.

  2. ooh eduardo ! the interview went totally easy! it was just a formality it seemed. i got it! the actual card is supposed to come in the mail... wee!