Shops Update!

Ya! ok so i have brought stuff to Devil May Wear on 21st at Main. Its fab!!! All local designers! Super cool clothes! Lots of jewelry to choose from (but of course youre going to buy my stuff right ;) hehe its like the ground floor suite of a building thats
on 21st+Main. i like. super chill atmosphere and lots of wearable stuff!

Coming soon: Virgin Mary's on Commercial Drive!! Ya!
Im going to start making items today. I dont want it to take as long as I have been taking in the past to get itemized items together :S

So the items in New York are in shop now, and I do hope they are well received!

I was having a bit of anxiety with pricing. So to get totally over that the identical few pieces that I have online and in a shop, if the one online sells i wont relist it anymore and just have it as a shop piece. hmm. Also im trying to make it so that I have different pieces in each shop. i dont think that will be a problem .. after i make a piece like if i dont put it down at one point ill keep working on it till its totally different :D so crazy, i can go through 3 designs before i figure 'i should start another' what a waste ;>

Ok very excited now!
I have been over pimping my etsy listings and i think im thoroughly disgusted with myself enough that i dont want to list anything anymore haha im such a dork. k.

hmm. The Front, I should try too coz this girl at fair said it would be a positive yes, but not after i go to virgin mary's. its a 60/40 at both these places, so i think a few more expensie elabo pieces go there.

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  1. What did i miss?!!!
    Girl, let me know, are your lovely items in NY now? Where? You know i need to go to that place and check them out. I think it is time to treat myself to something beautiful anyways...
    xoxo Issey