People Who Have Called Me on the Phone

damnit christie or crissy i lost your number. the one who wanted the silver octopus necklace!!! please call me back or email me!!!!
so stupid. so dumb. so i listen to my messages and hear hers, and quickly write her number down using my favorite pink sign pen then delete the message. ok. its on a sheet of paper on the coffee table. of course i dont call her right away coz i hadnt ordered a silver octopus yet.
fast forward to a few nights later.
i find a silver octopus on etsy and buy it.
the next day.
i go check the pile of papers that have accumulated on the coffee table.
i find the paper with her number on it but! (of course) ITS GOTTEN WET and all there is a large pink smudge. OH NO! so there are a few numbers that are unaffected and i try to call some 'educated guesses' to no avail. then i think oh! gosh i can check my phone bill! so i go look around for my phone bill and find them all in the drawer where i keep my bills EXCEPT for the last bill. i finally spot the bill on the table (its a full table)
guess what ok there is a large square section torn off the corner and that is possibly where i can see her number and it is completely lost!!! yargh! i think i did it and made some kind of grocery list or something.
its the word of god telling me to be more organized sheesh!!!

and erin? i think i remember hearing a message from you on your friends b-day you wanted to get her charms, and i heard it too late, and i forgot to call you back and now your message is gone and i dont know your number. i just wanted to say hi.



  1. haha, hi nicole! that was me calling about my friend's birthday alright, but no worries, i know i called you super-late about it. but thanks for letting me know about the weekend too - maybe i'll see you on the drive! i've got my eye on some of your new stuff . . .

  2. hahahi! erin! somehow i didnt realize you were stylefinds erin. doy!!

    hello (waves)
    lets hope it doesnt rain!!!