new items

edited! click on pics to see listings
amazonite owls- sold out temporarily...

chubby birds.. sold out online too but there might be a pair at briers...

the lady and the key

japanese linen pouch. super cute and still in shop:

porcelain blue heart! the print goes all around '-'/ sweet gift!

pink heart '-'/ last one:

brown heart :D last one:

owls and chuby birds on smokey quartz- sold out.. but i have new more lovely smoky quartz so ill be making more :D

medievial pheasant piece- sold out but may get more of the lovely settings...

lucky clover- sold out, but look out for new clovers with green rhinestones..

pheasantly surprized! in shop:

green vanity necklace- vintage glass cameo:

serenes garden

yay! ok so theres lots of new items in my shop. i havent been updating my other online shops and should, too.
click on pics later when i edit in all the links!!! meanwhile go to shop!
eta: ok! i forgot to edit these and now some have sold out!!