Filigree wrapped intaglio necklaces

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first up we have my favorite! Sailing the high seas :D

next is this one.. sooo lovely. its a favorite of mine too.
i repainted the intaglio with shimmery blue and black..

now this piece i named after my favorite lady dancer on so you think you can dance. i know, dorky right. its called anya's garden, named after anya garnis!
*warning*reality tv whine ahead* but i swear to god she deserves to be in the top 10 over sucktastic mug face lauren (hurl). anya should be dancing with pasha on the tour damnit! anyway heres a pic i made of them for those that dont know what she looks like:

and here is the necklace i think suits her style:

this last one is another fave of mine.. its of this nude lady playing an open harp. she has a boob, and an ear, and of course her harp. i used these super amazing sparkle heat treated quartz as a dangle. its gorgeous...


the fair was great!! till it rained. i had to move under a buildings awning. awww. which sucked. i did manage to sell quite a bit in the beginning and was by myself most times, so i was kind of stressing out when at times, id have people swarmed all around the table.. people were coming from the back too coz i was on the street. very disconcerting. my only worry of theft stems from the fact that i do believe a lot of people dont comprehend that i made all the stuff on my table. i do think a lot think i bought it all and am reselling. hmm. i should have a big fat 'i made this all by hand so dont steal anything coz it'll suck for me' sign. but i dont think, and totally hope that nothing was taken... i made a crap load! and didnt keep track. also my camera. its dead. totally dead!! i can only use it at home. the zoom is completely broke and i have to literally pull out the view finder when it turns on otherwise it just makes this tic-tic-tic noise. ugh. anyway, i hope you like the filigree pieces. esp. the anya one! if you watch the show and have some thoughts.. please leave a comment and lets discuss.


  1. aha, that explains why i didn't see you on the drive! i went down there later in the day (when it was raining, booo) and i didn't really look on the sidewalks. rats! glad to hear it went well, though.

  2. ah thanks erin! im sorry i missed you too ;; before i left i did think about all the people who i hadnt seen yet or those that sid they'd come back ;; huhuhu ;;
    it was pretty boring on the sidewalk tho..i think i stayed for an hour, an hour and half tops.. i was falling asleep at one point hehe so then i left..

    heehee but i am getting more items in shops now '-'/