majorly major new item update

here are some new gems and pretties in my shop:
(ill will fill in little descriptons later on)
(but in the meantime please click on the images to go to the listings)
modern sea (its silver everyone take a picture! i did it in silver!)
this i love this one. i might be partial to the whole i did it in silver thing, but dude, isnt it nice? i love the the color combination of the cream rose and smoked topaz. it looks great with the oxidized silver part of the seahorse..

modern sea brass (ahhh)
this one features a vintage brass seahorse charm which i am slowly running out of.. a lovely creamy aqua blue to go with the creamy vintage rose. i love this color combo too! very fresh and beach.

age of aquarius. ok. this cameo. like my god! its so detailed and so amazing. ive never seen an aquarian like it. simons an aquarius so im always looking for good ones. i actually ordered the gemini one, with two cute lil kids but the seller sent me this one. whos complaining, not i, surely, its got a merman theme goin on, posideon? with the devil staff right and horns? so cool. with a miniature skull brass locket and perfect perfect oxidized brass setting that looks as if they were made for each other. i cant be more pleased. oh yes, i forgot the wonderful chain. i am more pleased!

skull smoke earrings. smoky quartz mini briolettes so cute and shimmery. brass skull charms. i love this design! ang gave me the smoky

olivine skull. simple, rad, color, magic!

pretty coy. i love this caameo! its so cute. so different! coz its the whole torso and even hips and bum of the girl right, and not just her face. paired it with this lovely engraved brass heart charm.

water carrier

fresh cream and lime pie

chocolate and chalcedony

mangosteen princess brooch

diamonds and roses pendant / pin

puff gone bad

and i need to show this but it sold the next day or something (no fear i will make another, just takes a while to scrape out all the original paint)
atlach-nacha EDIT: last one still available in shop! click on pic:

this ones sold too but isnt it so cute '-'/ hihihi i love it
shy pretty (taglish accent accent pun)

ok i am feeling so lame and lazy. i have too many things to finish/do! i waste too much time lounging about. its a baaad habit. (goatmentality)

and for the love of intense high class kitsch extreme please check out
like o.m.g.



  1. I love all of them but especially Water Carrier and Puff Gone Bad!

  2. Yay! Been patiently waiting for a It's Your Life silver necklace . . . so went over to your shop and snapped it up right away! Looking forward to wearing it :-)