before and after make up

omg! i bought mineral make-up from pinkquartzminerals on etsy, samples first foundation for light skin.. so she sends the suitable samples, and you choose then she sends you the big one. holy crap meng, holy crap.

ok so here is my normal blah everyday look- no make up, wearing some crazy neon top, accentuating my uneven skin tones:

and here is me after. i am using foundation #1. she also sent me 2 new eyeshadow colors, one is like, light beige but it shimmers blue so cool, and the other is a nice green. im wearing both, plus my mascara, lip liner, gloss and my old blush.ok, now my neon top matches my face:

padah! how gorgeous is that?!
i swear im going to wear make-up everyday now. it makes me feel so confident (in my pretty face!!!!)
omg swear, try it you will feel so beautiful too (click on link):
pink quartz minerals on etsy



  1. wow, it's subtle, but makes a HUGE difference, lighting your face right up!

  2. Very nice - I'm going to have to check that out too!