mushroom squirrel and little red

yeah! all these pouches are now in paper ya on granville island. go check em out while the pickins prime! not that any are less cute then the next.. but you know what i mean.

i have extras for my etsy shop :D

mushroom squirrel pouch (in shop now! click on image):

and little red riding hood pouches for listing later.
EDIT: in shop now!!~~ click on image. seriously for reals. i listed it earlier today (may2) and its got 72 views and 3 hearts already (scratches head as to why no ones picked it up yet)

its my fuggin birthday today.
i am 28. 28! thats almost 30.


  1. Happy Birthday Nico! Love the pouches - you always have gorgeous fabric!

    And 28 isn't old - at least you can say that you're still under 30 (I turned 31 yesterday - eek!). Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. oh! c'est vraiment adorable!!!

  3. thank you mom and jhoanna! happy birthday to me x2!

    thank you annchabada '-'/ hello :D

  4. Happy Birthday to the bestest Etsy seller ever!! Don't sweat the age, I'll be 32 in June! Yikes!