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the cake was so good. mango strawberry mousse with the most amazing light and not too sweet outer creamy icing my gawd with a light delight angelfood bottom layer. the only actual cake part. ooohh... from annas cakehouse on broadway. yum.....

yay! sewalong with ismoyo is on and will have some pics in a couple days :D

i made this a few days ago and got around to listing it. love it!
its a locket / brass envelope and i added a micro mini porcelain rose. beats me how they make these roses so tiny! they are only around 3 mm wide!

and this. so simple and chic! on etsy ive been seeing people use glass and calling it gemstone. i mean, yeah they make glass colored to look like gemstone, but its fuggin glass yo.
like this awesome piece: no lie. its gorgeous glass!

free shipping offer till may 15th! that is, free shipping on all jewelry purchases. pls. write 'happy birthday' in your notes to seller when checking out and i will send you a new invoice or refund. happy birthday is the word k.


  1. Happy Birthday Nico, what a yummy cake and I love how you attacked it, so kewl!

  2. thank you gina!
    i am late in replying to my blog comments :S

    hi jocelan '-'/
    the cake was amazing, you wouldve loved it!