two spring sacs and the i heart crafts fair

the fair is this coming weekend!!!!
im making lots of stuff for it.

guess what i called 2 shops i want to get into and need to email lou lou love on west broadway, but i lost the email addy .. god i suck.. the other shop mintage i will have to call on thursday.. cross fingers :D

a new stock of paper ya pouches coming up by next week- look out for it! i have bought too many cute prints and will be making many for paper-ya on granville island.

ok these two purses are reversable! the funfun eggs one i bought locally. hehe i was stoked! and even more stoked when someone told me that they bought some from the japanese shop that i sometimes shop at. yay!

then this chic black one with embroidered fabric and vintage pussywillow print. ahh... it goes with the new filigree wrapped pieces i have in shop : especially the marie antoinettes carriage necklace and the mermaid song necklace. teehee

and this cutie is sold already but so cute!

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  1. Wow, you are working and creating so much. I love all your sweet bags!