site maintenance

oh etsy. down again for a day. kind of just, normal by now..
over 700 hundred blog comments lol. glad to see others are not doing chores either..
last night i was sending a message and when i pressed send it was down for maintenance.

blog needs an update! i dont know what tho.. stuff again? corny.. ive been wanting to take a t-shirt cutting tute. very facil. muy easy.
how-to-cut-your-tshirt-so-you-can-wear-a-necklace-with-it tutorial.
been sewing... bags for custom and pouches for paper-ya! new fabrics sweet japanese prints coming soon.. hopefully ill get it all done by wednesday. yes?

im going to go to mintage on monday nad bring some stuff. yikes! thinking about it makes me nervous.

been writing blog entries then setting them to draft mode. some crazy stuff went down and maybe ill just chill on it coz i usually freak out to the max.
but still i am never letting my neighbors into my apartment again....

there is another lovely fair coming up at the western front next month..
see events: got craft

more updates later.. gotta go meet up with some folks.. ill bring the camera, ill bring the camera (forgets)

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