Its Your Life in Mintage!


so I left a few pieces in Mintage with the lovely owner Carly :D
a couple cameo pieces, some E.T. necklaces, I made a new Marie Antoinette carriage piece, a cream one with gold.. its simple and only 35 bones.. a green owl locket necklace too- the new version..
both locations are fully amazing!

have you been to Mintage yet? No?
come on go check it out and buy my stuff!!
mintage has the most fit mint vintage in vancouver.
promise! its really hard not to buy something in there.
check out the mintage site

i made a couple new pieces.. recently bought an awesome pair of beaded leaf earrings from beadbug and judy my etsy mom sent me extra leaves to use in my designs!! what a treat.
i made this:

see im wearing the earrings i bought..

ok so earlier i made 12 small card wallets. i almost went blind i made them all at once :D they are wicked. and going to paper ya when i finish the order. woot! plus some zipper pouches too. ill update when its done with a pic :D

sewalong! with ismoyo
we are going to make the march 31st entry in her blog... its pretty easy? let see what happens!
when i read that post of hers it actually inspired me to make a top, which is pretty cool, but i didnt finish it. well didnt embellish it. and i think i cut the fabric the wrong way. eh.
still no new wardrobe yet!


  1. I'm preparing the fabric for the cape! Choose to do a white version, i have a cute dress it would go pretty with. Hope it comes out decent. Keep me posted on your creation!

  2. Geez your beautiful. Such a stricking lovely girl.