i heart crafts

wow it was the best fair ever!
i sold all of the new pieces i made for the fair :D all the necklaces at least :D
poppy was my first customer and bought the reversible fun fun eggs sac :D
i forgot the camera :(
rina came and hung out and bought me food! how cool!
then simon came later and brought me a cupcake :D
it was busy in the morning and tapered off in the afternoon but it seemed like a steady flow of customers. sometimes my brain dies during lull times and i forget why i am talking (never a good thing)! but all in all it was awesome.
super tired now and need to shower phew!


  1. hey nico!
    great blog! i met you at the craft fair- my friend bought a bag and necklace from you...

    just wanted to let you know i loved your stuff so much that i did a post of your store on my blog at www.painfullyhip.com
    check 'er out!

  2. Congrats sweetie pie!! Rest up, you deserve it : )

  3. I looked at your Etsy shop and you have some nice jewelry.