all the kings horses and all the kings men...

couldnt get nico's credit card debt down.
oh yeah, and btw, the credit card guy i talked to earlier can suck my poo.

so yes. meanwhile i am super behind on my blogging. its terrible. i really should maximize the free things in life.

my new stuff is nice. i love these filigree wrapped pieces i have come up with.
please click on images to go the listings:

this one features marie antoinettes carriage. i watched the movie the other day and i loved it. the costumes are so wicked and the style is sublime.. modern rock music and no old school accents!

this one features a vintage car and lovely baroque shaped creamy beads. love them.
i dont have any car charms (um) or anything like a tire charm (um) so i went all political-like in my concept. skull charm and flower charm signifying the (hopefully) death of the combustible engine. i dont know about using fossil fuels, but it looks awesome...

i was lucky to find a mermaid cameo! i also have a geisha one but am waiting for the perfect setting. this one is super special and symmetrical. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Its Your Life! it features coral beads and tiny black flowers with heart centers.

and this simple yet super nice turquoise colored glass piece on vintage chainmaille. my etsy mom judy had these cameos and she told me they are probably from the 20's (i think thats what she said)

the animal cameos are pretty popular!
i think i undercharged for all those loose cabochons i made and sold (oops:P)
i did make more of the large black hearts with layered images (they still need to be drilled) but i also came up with this! lovely vintage plastic heart bead i decorated. its got a fox and a hedgehog :D and flowers! the images wrap around the whole bead.. like a japanese tensha bead.. but kitschy kawaii style. and i love the pastel flowers sweeet!

here are some simpler necklaces:
the rabbit pendant is so strange and detailed and old school. the vintage charms came very dirty and stinky but i polished em up so now they are shiny and gorgeous.

a simple vintage globe locket necklace (sold out):
very rare locket shape! this locket came as the dirtiest piece of metal in the world.
eww stink-y. but they are all better now having been washed and polished.

here is my ode to Paris..

ooh and this! pretty spring love style. featuring a vintage heart shaped cameo, a sweet opal like white Czech glass flower and a vintage coral colored flower. sweet and simple the colors are fab!

i made it earrings to match:

and what about this insanely crazy piece? yay. i used this amazing vintage brass chain... featuring a blue set cameo, a gorgeous dapped flower and leaf branch, a gothic vintage seahorse charm, there is a tiny round charm locket with skulls, flowing chains, a tiny sand dollar! a vintage white flower (so it goes perfect with the cameo ) and the super sparkle baroque swarovski pendant. oooh.

it gave birth to this necklace :D