SUJI: Craft Fair Directions!! Today!

map to UBC international house

> International House Directions
> Getting to UBC By Bus, Skytrain, or Seabus
> Translink's free Trip Planning
> service allows
> you to plan your
> trip to UBC from virtually any Lower
> Mainland location.
> Full bus, Skytrain (rapid transit), and Seabus route
> and schedule
> information, including bus frequency listings and
> route maps, are also
> available on the Translink Web site
>, or call
> 604.953.3333.
> By Car or Carpool / Vanpool
> - if you are traveling by car, drive westbound
along either 4th Avenue, 10th Avenue, 16th Avenue, or 41st Avenue
into Southwest Marine Drive
(check the UBC Parking Web site for
information about rates)
- for detailed driving directions, see the UBC
TrekWeb site

For complete information on carpool / vanpool options at UBC, see the Carpool
section on the UBC Trek Program Web Site.


  1. Hi Nico, it was so nice to see you at SUJI yesterday.Hopefully we will meet again soon at a craft fair or something.I 'll add you to my blog links.Thanks for letting me know about the I heart Craft thing too.

  2. Hope the fair was a success!
    (esp. for you of course!)

  3. That's right that you live in Vancover, BC!
    The Sky train, UBC...
    As you know, I used to live there a long time ago!!
    Have a great time at the Fair!