new stuff!

hmm.. where to start.
we made our first gocco and its super fun and easy. heres simes inking our first screen.
ill have to update with an actual pic of the finished postcard...

meanwhile the suji fair was great! the group that handled it was very cool and super friendly and supportive yay.
and guess what? i managed to get an intern or i think thats what she is called. shes my mini! her name is christie and i need a picture of her on here. shes going to help me with making stuff and shipping.

ive updated my etsy shop like mad.
lots of new necklace styles and ive put up a few pieces i have remade from before.. like the 'boys who love owls' necklace with the holly hobbie cameo and vintage enameled owl charm...grrr.. ive been looking for more of those owl charms and i couldnt find them anymore.
(click pics to go to listings)

i made the one with the bead chain second! the simpler first one:

new green with envy style-

there are many new pouches...! not all fabric from japan this time, but mostly from shanghai
ive put some lovely japanese prints i got enough of aside, to make some pleated hobo bags. ok pouches!


  1. OH I love those pouches so much! YOu selected the perfect fabric and the p;erfect matching buttons!

  2. those rabbit pouches are fantastic. Great size too!