new stuff! new loves!!

ok so i made the perfect love locket and key cameo necklace and here it is: (edited to add links) click on pics to go to listings:

two new! linen pouches with japanese prints and cute buttons!
edit: im actually going to change this button, its totally been bugging me :D haha i keep thinking it needs to be a wooden one like the other linen pouch... found another lazer cut wood button but its just a weird oblong shape.

then i show you these lovely cameo pins:
EDIT: hey this lovely pin is in Mintage! :D Its $25 Canadian. Go check it out! (see links on the top for mintage :)

and my new favorite holly hobbie necklace with amazing rare vintage chain made from dapped bars with ball points and amythest glass channels:

and hello you cant go wrong with these- price wise or style wise!

im also having a SALE on the older listings in my shop! check out the items that have been marked down... and im not offering this usually, but make me an offer for any of my older listings! meaning: if you dont like the price, ask me if ill like your price! xo send me an etsy convo with the item titles or links and the price you want to offer! only for older listings (from january- last year)