more new vintage cameo and charms necklaces plus holly hobbie

ok i am totally editing this now for linkage factor. click on the items to go to the listings :D
i made a mini etsy on the side there to the left, :D like it or a bit much? EDIT: i put it below the links now..too bad you cant like, feature other peoples stuff on it...

this piece is awesome. i like the black chain with white chain dangle. plus bead chain. i did that. me! i love it. its like victorian mod, or something.

this one is scary woooo. in memory of coz it looks like a coffin setting, or memorium or something.. with the decaying rose and darkend skull ..

yay holly hobbie :D
lock and key front clasps are so fun :)
bird whistler

ladybug bouquet

and fence jump!


  1. whoa, those locks are awesome! the charms kind of creep me out though :( cute, but i have a irrational fear of dolls and little things like that!

  2. that is so funny!! im like, dolls? oh yeah, you mean the holly hobbie pictures and profile cameos-- that is hilarious.
    poor thing.