i got a german online shop!!
its totally hell! i cant read german and translators suck.. luckily the layout is Etsy's doppleganger and ive already found the forums in english AND a lovely german girl re-translated my shop header (which was previously reading 'New wine accessory equiptment, japanese wovens and the beyond' or something like that)
when it should read: Neue Vintage-Accessoires, japanische Stoffe und Mehr!

right now ive been trying to re-edit the lovely translation that girl gave me but the freaking internet is making me cry. i really dont know why the connection is SO SLOW and im getting those weird proxy time outs forever like seriously 3 hours.

so im going to have to stick with the wine shop in my new german site till the internet starts behaving. its only on the german site tho. ARGH. coz here i am on my blog...

my new german shop:


check it out! its my etsy shops twin.


  1. That was very nice of the German lady. It is good that they have an English side also. As you already know I love the Holly Hobbie.