pouches in shop and new kanzashi

here are the new kanzashi....made these ones today out of the yuwa double gauze 'live life' collection. its cotton and i like the texture. went nuts? beading the centers with the beads i traded with darla for.

the crazy part is (its the same fabric i tried making the test skirts with) i noticed when making the petals is that there are people holding hands in a circle and dancing around the flowers! its so cute. can you see the people? ive added a pic-click for larger view.

some newly listed items in my etsy shop:
strawberry pouch for fourteeni made another one

linen patchwork pouch for fourteen tooone left


  1. hey nico, my name is steph and i've been following all your blogs amazed of how many cool things you make...i love everything and probably will buy you something when i get money in my card ~~..anyway, as a fellow crafter (heh) I was wondering how you make your kanzashi cause i've made one flower already and succeeded in it, but i left a mess on the back attaching the petals together and making them stay in place...maybe you have a different technique? if so, maybe you can have a mini tut?
    hahaha... i just read my comment and it sounds terrible.. i'm sorry for coming on to you just as that and asking you favours...:P
    anyway...i'll understand if you can't, since u sell them as well :)
    keep up the good work, i'll keep in touch. cheers, chao

    steph xoxo

  2. hello,
    I've just discovered your blog trough a message you lived in november and I missed it!
    I love your blog! I love the colors on it and I'm a crochet flowers and dot fan. I'll pass more often :)

  3. hey nicole!
    i owe yu some money...i showed my brother your blog and he liked it! call me soon!

  4. haha that last one was from ang