Commercial Drive Fest and Owl Kanzashi in shop

yay! it was a good festival tho i didnt get to see much from the tent :)
i made flickr sets
heres some crazy brazilian costume ladies:
make way for the queen

heres pics of our tent and tables yay!:
poppy/ groovyglassgirl's tent with joeblobclothing and angela from beadworksclasses.blogspot and linea's jewelry, and itsyourlife!

vending set

heres brie wearing a lovely kanzashi with milefori??? glass bead center

got lots of great feedback too!
- darker plain cards for the kanzashis on the rack (the printed cards are too distracting)
- fun money/allotted money for fun spending at fairs/festivals 20-25$

davin came over and wee ironed on one of the iron on patches i made to his shirt. i made a terrible mistake! DONT IRON THE BACKSIDE! we did and it and i thought thats what it said but i doesnt say anything on the the stuff i used for these so those are the directions i use for applying the other type of iron-on fabric adhesive that i normaly use ;; sorry..

meanwhile ive listed these owl kanzashis edit! i put them in shop cocoon and sold the one pink i was going to list at the blim fair :) so i dont know if im making any more in the near future. .

snail wristlet available at shop cocoon,,,

the owl ones are precious. im going to make the last owls with crystals.


  1. Hooray! Sounds like you had a good time! Love your new stuff, and what a great idea to have the bag with a little wrist attachment, so cute and functional!

  2. Thanks Gina! it was fun! yeah, i actualy saw it on someones blog or shop but for purses ya know, so i made it for clutches! teehee whoopsie -L-