yay and nay!

hey its sunday! i decided to just add on to this entry instead of making a new 1. almost my shift time at shop cocoon.

heres a pic of what i bought! (forgot to take a pic of the journals and wicked diy indie love tee i traded for) charlotte the organzer made it! its so well made. simes and i were disscussing it. ya i love how i can clutch it in my hand. and how the weave looks like a hungry face. and how i cant see any stitches how the face and arms are attached. its got a cute butt too with cute white cottony tail.

how cute is simon. it is! it is!

i forgot the camera so no pics but the fair was super great- lots of feedback and made almost enough for next months rent (you, thank you). the best craft fair its your life ever attended.

nay is how bad i feel about pricingehem. i am not a sales person! does everybody have the hardest time fixing their pricing or is it just me ;; the worst ;;


yay º-º i almost made next months rent (thank you) my float was a purse sale from shop cocoon. the next fair is june 3 i hope to make the rent for there too '_'

and check this its your life in paper-ya on granville island? (thanks little bear)


  1. So awesome. Love your new little pal, what great fabric and mis matched eyes. The second picture is a hoot! REally great news about the fair and your economic increase! Congrats!!

  2. I was lucky enough to grab your beautiful black n' red-centred kanzashi pin early on during the fair and, man... I pinned it on, walked my way down Commercial Drive while shopping and was stopped twice and asked where I got it.

    I passed on your etsy.com shop info to the curious hord and am hoping you'll update the site about when your next fair will be?

    Can't wait to see stuff again... and by then, I *may* have reopened my ear lobes so I can actually wear my old (and new?) earrings!

    I really enjoyed the event and hope it becomes a regular thing and I can drool and shop some more :-)

    You've got a really nice range of items and there's enough variety in there that even those of us who sometimes have to dress up in 'business professional' getups (ugh), can wear many of your items without coming off as "desperately trying to hang on to sweet-n'-funky-kawaii about ten years too long".

    OK - maybe not the skull skirt... :-)

  3. thanks gina, saw the lil guy sitting on a typewriter! just too cute. he had some bros around but i saw him first. or maybe its a girl, a transgender bunny? ah ya. love it.
    thanks for the greetings gina '-'/

  4. dear anonymous,

    thank you so much i remember you. you were the first person i sold the b&w kanzashi to. and so pleasant to talk with ^-^
    of course, the fair was hectic. i didnt catch your name, but im so stoked you love it and others love it on you. it makes everything worth it after all ;; coz i bought that fabric to make the flowers and they were in the shop i was in a bit neglected so i felt like they needed a second chance. yay! it was so worth it coz youre worth it just like the commercials say, like beyonce yo'

    the next vend ill be in is Fab Fair: Bags & Bling on june 3. at the main heritage hall.
    ill be posting a flyer or 'big notice' soon.

    it was great a really nice one.

    and hey, what do mean? i thought you my age (blinks)! yes. thats right like in your late 20s right? you can definately pull anything off with your wit and charm. yer, yeh got dem luckey charrms gerl '-'/

  5. ya maybe enough positive feedback to charlotte will decide for her to make another event like that there, it was pretty cool...