ok of the many things that have happened to me the worst was that MY *BIKE* GOT STOLEN i cried tears that flooded the apartment and practically ripped off all my body hair, now im a fish swimming in the sea of despair. not only did the losers steal my bike they stole the signs i put up in and outside of the building as well.
i hate this ghetto crack head weirdo area. my freaky neighbors. (see below for bike description)

on the crafty tip yeah! ive gotten lots of consignment request and wholesale orders for the crochet jewelry! and i raised my prices now im actually making money! i think people think if its cheap its bad quality. you just cant give people a deal anymore. angela said retail is a mind game. i believe her, and not just beacuse im going to her house to get some supplies and glue, but because i sold a set of crochet jewelry at the price i always wanted. a price where i actually make money for my time! amazing. i thought no one would pay but it sold. the same day i listed it. yeah!

received all the vintage cabs from japan. i mean its so like, its your life!
they are
1. vintage
2. super cute and wicked
3. very unique and
4. they are from japan
- its so win-win!
***much later- jump rings and glue from angela! yeah! the dollar store super glue sucks. now im going to make earrings all night.

on to pics:
Black Vynil with Strawberry applique pouch with wicked vintage strawberry print fabrico for lining $16

Try My Taste coin purse that is three inches small wee '-'/ $11SOLD i mean i traded it for nudie vintage cards hehe

Bicycle Tricyle Buttons turned to earrings for $4

Anamari - Dark Green and Cream Crochet Jewelry Set $27

the sold set '-'/

Maripaz -Light Cream and Grey Crochet Jewelry Set for $27

Skull Flower with Leaves '-' whoops got carried away there they are only $12 a pair. not 14.ehem

this is a collaborative piece hehe ang made the bracelet for me a while back as an example and ive dismantled it a bit to make room for the flowers and ive listed it for $14

0k heres my stolen bike description:

* my blue 5 speed Apollo Galaxy 5 girls bike with approx 24inch tires. it has a white 'one' and 'zed' letter stickers on the either side of the frame, and a jesus sticker on the top of the middle bar going across. all black tires, brakes and wires. silver bell. vintage japan made cruiser bike DAMNIT!!!! if you have any info about this bike or have seen a bike like this please let me know, kick the bum off it it, ride it home and email me. please i really love that bike ;; *


  1. they stole it? this makes me sad. i have read about 3 different bloggers dealing with bicycle theft in the past week alone. ugh. im going to ride my bike in honor of yours, okay? not in honor of it being stolen, but your beloved bike itself.

    and then they took down the signs?


    maybe raise your prices even more so you can give out a cash reward. wait no, then they'll think you have money and they'll rob your house.

    the thought of robbers is the scariest thought i know, and it crosses my mind daily. im paranoid, yes, but you can never be too sure.

    good luck with your bike.

    xo erin

    p.s.- the word verification is almost impossible to read! come ON blogger! be realistic.

  2. ugh! thank you erin! its a really desperate situation for me when i think about it. i wont even mention the other bike i managed to acquire the next day coz its NOT MY APOLLO! god. the scary part is that i put my number on the second note outside, which got stolen the same day, then the one inside the building got stolen the next day. CREEPY SCARY and totally CRAPPY. im going to put up signs again tomorrow coz i called the landlady to make sure it wasnt her and it frikkin wasnt. sob sob.

    i think blogger heard you i got 7 pretty clear letters '-'/

    i guess since i got the spam guard on the blog i dont really need this anymore....hmm

  3. i would keep the word verification just in case, even IF the words look craaaazy sometimes

    if i ever hear of anyone who has an apollo i will ride it up to you. but dont expect me anytime soon, i think it might take a day or six to get there, after i find one.

  4. ah! sorry to flood your comments, but have you checked craigslist? i didnt see any listings for one in vancouver, BUT you never know- there was even a "missing" ad in there for a lime green one, in vancouver, so youre not alone in your search. if i were you i'd check craigslist a couple times a day- you never know what you'll find on there.

  5. So sorry about your bike sweetie. I hope it is returned to you.

  6. sorry to hear about your bike. i just picked up a red appolo galaxy 5 and floshed her tonight.

    in memory...