polkadotthunder and new kanzashi

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here are some flowers i was working on during my shift. pre sewed the petals at home.. they are chirimen fabric, the red arabesque one is cotton chirimen.
went to angelas yesterday and traded for too much plated chain (woah, and yeah) and different center beads for the kanzashi, semi precious stones and crystals, and i got 2 pairs of earring too darn forgot pics of them again!
ps check out the beadworksclasses blog soon- angela is posting pics of the projects and techniques she teaches...

almost too small to make


  1. the flowers are BEAUTIFUL! you are SO talented (i still want a skull skirt...hee hee)

  2. ive found the fabric! will order more for skirts- juggling funds at the mo' tho '-'/

  3. Hey lovely lady...I'm posting this to your blog too, I never know whether to answer peoples comments in mine or theirs, lol :P...

    Hey Nico my sweet! I don't know what chirimen is but some of them do have a really lovely texture (and they are from a shop which stocks real Japanese fabrics). You can really see the weave, it looks beautiful :)

    Cheers for letting me know about your earrings! I love all your other stuff too though so I'll just see what you have in when I'm all cashed up :P LOL


  4. Wow, I love these...they're really cute!