more harajuku vintage styles:

in my shop for 5$
a pin its so cute yes a pin, two kinds and hair pins! with felt leaves... get the 3 piece set for 10$

large coral rose earrings for 7$

fabric came in the mail today with my new cute tape for packaging orders '-'

this is what i made tonight:

this is what im eating right now oooohhhh jalebi....

and hey guess what i cut my hair, well just made bangs. i think its cute. my runway forhead is minimized from blinding people i meet.


  1. My gosh, all this lovely stuff...the hair pins are fabulous!

    Your new pouches are to die for, so unique.
    Where on earth do you get your gorgeous fabrics from?

    Meshell xx

  2. hi meshell '-'/
    thanks so much! cant tell you where but ill say you can find a link from the links on my blog '-' its a secret!

  3. tee hee if you find it... dont tell! and if you really cant find it and are dying ill tell you /'+' mums da word

  4. Oh I found it alright...didn't you know I'm a first class detective? *teehee*

    I'lllll nevverr telllll... ;)

    By gosh I wish I could justify gettin some! :)) Instead I'll just keep watching the pretties you make with them!

  5. Awesome stuff. Especially love the bags!

  6. YES for bangs! i have bangs and i will never go without them again. they minimize my horse face. haha. i love the new stuff too!

  7. I think I might have put my fabric question on the wrong post! I meant it for this one - where did you get the fabric from? They are so cute. Please, please give us a pic of your new haircut!

  8. thanks funky finds ! '-'/

    haha erin! yeah bangs rock! tho now that ive washed my hair and forgotten about them they are a fright all curls and up on top of my head instead of covering my gaping forhead! haha!

  9. meshell and gina! i know you two know now where i got it right? hehe

    gina! i tried so hard to take a full face shot! i took like 50 pics. not yet satisfyed but i think ill post one. scary! i havent been wearing my retainer so my mouth is mundo horsey.

  10. Thank you for the photos, you are so super pretty.