Harajuku Style Vintage earrings NEW packaging

made 3 of each kind! for the seamrippers, bags and bling and commercial drive fest! lets see how they go


  1. Your packaging is SO gorgeous! Oh my, it's just so you and so cute :)

    I'm really excited because in a couple weeks I'm letting myself buy some handmade goodies from Etsy (when I've finished up all my swaps of the moment) and I can't WAIT to buy some of your gorgeous earrings! *happy dance*


  2. wee thanks meshell!

    hopefully this cute packaging will help these earrings sell at the fairs '-'/
    i have a rotating rack and it looks wicked coz its loaded with colorful cards.

    dont know about selling them like this online coz im not sure if they fit the standard postal size for an oversize envelpoe ;; but yeah we love em! am so happy (happy dance) i found the veneer cards and containers at lee valley. yay

  3. Wow, what a lot a loot you've created! You've been so busy. Every time I see a new post, I am so impressed with what you accomplish - and how much. How cute are those little containers on their little perfect packaging filled with perfect little gems! So super adorable.

  4. hey thanks everyone! i get the comments in my email sometimes i cant find which post the new comment is in :P

    i really appreciate all the lovely comments :)